We have adopted the TeamStrange Uniform Rules:; with the following exceptions and additions:

How The West Was Won Rally Rules

  1. You must carry a minimum $100,000/$300,000 of liability insurance for the duration of the rally.
  2. You will be required to carry a Spot tracker or other personal locator device for the duration of the rally. We do allow the use of phone tracking apps (like BubblerGPS for Android, and SWConnect for iPhone), as long as they are compatible with Spotwalla.
  3. Riders are required to set their digital camera’s (or other media device’s) date/time to EDT (+/-2 minutes).
  4. Photos can be of any resolution. Tablets and cell phones are also acceptable (You will be required to present your photo on your device to the scorer when requested). Remember, it is the rider’s responsibility to provide the scorer with a photo of good quality. Be it a camera card or iPad, make sure you bring a legible photo to the scoring table!

Any questions, please send us a message via the Contact Page.